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The volatility is scary as heck in both directions, but the technology has proved itself far beyond what many could ever have dreamed. A decentralized shared ledger documenting ownership is a potentially revolutionary concept that could rival internet protocol in its ability to shatter the status quo. But there will be many white-knuckle moments before we get to $40,000.
ANNOUNCEMENTS / The Survival Podcast Forum is now a READ-ONLY ARCHIVE
« Last post by Mr. Bill on January 07, 2021, 10:14:14 PM »
The Survival Podcast Forum was open from September 17, 2008 through October 25, 2020, as a meeting and discussion spot for fans of Jack Spirko's podcast.  In 12 years we accumulated three quarters of a million posts on many thousands of topics related to prepping, homesteading, firearms, current events, and inflatable goats.

The forum reached its natural end and is now closed, but we are keeping this archive open as a storehouse of information.

What this means for you:

If you are not a registered member: You can't register, but you can read posts in many categories as a guest.

If you joined the forum before it closed: You have the same access you did when we were open.  You can't post anything, but you can still use the Personal Message feature to contact your forum friends.

If you are a moderator or administrator: You're still a mod/admin.  You can post (although there's not much reason to do so!).  The forum shouldn't require any moderation or maintenance, other than the occasional software upgrade.  I'll take care of that -- well, maybe not for the rest of my life, but for a while at least.

If you notice any problems, drop me a note via Personal Message.
Show Discussions, Fan Mail and Topic Suggestions / Re: I get to make the first post!
« Last post by Mr. Bill on October 25, 2020, 09:05:42 PM »
I get to make the last post.

It's been an amazing 12 years. I hope future visitors find the read-only forum archive useful.

For discussion of Jack's podcasts, see the comments on Jack's blog:

You can also find us on MeWe:

Best wishes to all of you!
Communications / Is anybody on Zello ?
« Last post by Prepper Rob on October 25, 2020, 07:25:20 PM »
In old episode of TSP when Jack was out of Texas he used Zello for show input on topics.  Is zello still bing used by the TSP community or has it been replaced with MeWee chat ?
Wow Prof, now I feel so lucky that I did not lose my tactical Red Ryder bb gun.  It doe not quite rock the suppressor you lost but it can almost punch a hole in a Styrofoam cup at 10 feet.  I have just enough S&H green stamps for a crossman 10 pump pellet gun. 

I will have to check local laws to make sure that I can have more than 2 tins of ammo without notifying hazmat of my ammo fort.  I do have my  Proposition 65 warning sign out on the house, so I should be covered.

Processing Food For Storage / Re: Tattler reusable canning jar flats
« Last post by Stwood on October 25, 2020, 02:13:53 PM »
Thought I would revive this old thread to add this note. Was working some of the deep pantry and came across a case of 05 sweet potato with Tattler lids all seals still good.

15y  8)
Checked my dozen the other day. All is well on the can front.
I don't know why you guys are having such problems. I self-identify as a Mexican Drug Cartel and the ATF ships me guns on the regular.
I have no one to blame except myself and my own hubris.

I tried to prove that Flex Seal was not the only acceptable waterproof-type spray on the market.  To prove the point, I cut a hole in the bottom of my trusty john boat, welded a screen door to it and sprayed over the screen material with an off-brand spray sealer I found at a local Flea Market.

I wanted to do a test run before I video'd it, so I went down to a nearby stripper pit, one that's about 200' deep, loaded all of my favorite firearms onto it, grabbed my paddle and backed out.

The good news is that it did last almost a minute before the sealant violently and unexpectedly gave way.  The whole boat plummeted to the bottom of the pit, cargo and all.

I barely got away with my life.  the suction was so powerful that I almost got pulled in with it.

This is the first time I've spoken of it.  I was devastated and embarrassed.  Yes, I should have tried without all my guns and ammo.  But, I wanted to one-shot it with me standing in the boat, surrounded by what was obviously very valuable items.  I've spent the past few months riding out a bout of depression at what I've lost.   I feel like I've brought shame and disgrace to my family name for generations to come.

I haven't been to the gun store to replace anything. . .it's . . .it's just too painful.

I spoke to a couple of friends who are divers and they said that if they tried to dive that far, they'd lose their certification for an unsafe dive. 

Oh!  Woe!  If it'd only been ten feet more shallow. . .there would be a chance!  Curse the luck.  Had I known. . .if only I'd have known!

Small steps. . .small steps.

One day at a time.

All I have left are a Savage 24 combo gun, a single shot .410 and an old, 9-shot J.C. Higgins revolver.

<breathe> - <breathe>

Crap. . .I thought I was over it. . .I'm not.

I'm gonna go sit back in the corner and cry for a while.

The Professor

I. . .I can't get the memory out of my mind as I desperately lunged for my cherished original Galil .308 AR, my fingertips barely brushing the barrel as the powerful, malevolent vortex of water whipped it out of my grasp, pulling it into the inky darkness below.

I can still feel the flash suppressor as it slid through my wet, slippery fingers. . .

Processing Food For Storage / Re: Tattler reusable canning jar flats
« Last post by Fixit on October 25, 2020, 12:15:01 PM »
Thought I would revive this old thread to add this note. Was working some of the deep pantry and came across a case of 05 sweet potato with Tattler lids all seals still good.
General News / Re: The Jeffrey Epstein Tail
« Last post by David in MN on October 25, 2020, 10:54:07 AM »
There is something swirling in the zeitgeist. Let me set the stage... The former Republican speaker of the house did prison time for child porn and the Democrats never bring it up. Hillary Clinton is married to a man credibly accused of rape and her best friend Huma was married to a guy who sent lewd photos to a 15 year old girl. John Edward had a secret family, Arnold Schwarzenegger had a secret kid, and Elliot Spitzer was "Client #9" in a prostitution ring. We still haven't been told what all those emailed food words were code for in Pizzagate; we must be content with knowing the Podestas are innocent and just enjoy collecting art depicting children in sadomasachistic acts.

Where does that put us in 2020? The sitting president is asked to disavow QAnon in a debate with no reason to bring it up. We learned the Queen of England can shut down pedo stories at ABC. The federal courts are so interested in our safety they will block the names of Epstein's clientel.

I'm not making a grand conspiracy claim. But when anyone with a hint of power is telling you "nothing to see here" I don't believe any of it. There is meat on this bone and everyone is playing dumb.
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