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FYI the Great Lakes Emergency Preparedness Expo is March 26 this year in Birch Run. I'll be manning the MTTM booth once again.  Hope to see y'all there.



--- Quote from: donaldj on February 29, 2016, 11:24:27 AM ---Also, Michigan is known as the state where everyone bugs out 'up north'. I'd probably try to run contrary to that.

--- End quote ---
Yep if you're not a Yooper, it will be a fool's game to imagine getting there. Unless...
you are a sailor & can wait out any & all weather factors at sea, or lake as it were.
I like the central area for the rail - trail option. If I had to go downstate to rescue
an offspring, the rail - trails are an option.
Thanks for the FYI re: the expo. I was beginning to think our state was

BTW, the TSP episode where Jack tried to pronounce Yooper had me shouting
and laughing at him at the same time.  /sigh...I feel another fit of giggles threatening /

The state is mostly 'asleep' in the metro areas. People work hard in the auto industry between layoffs, and when they get cash they need to upgrade the 'sleds' and big screen TVs. People buy things and never train on their thing.

As for rural, MI has a LOT of that. I don't think rural people 'prepare' because to them it's their lifestyle, not a thing they do or are enthused about. There's a big difference between "I'm learning how to can foods so I can prep!" vs "I know how to can foods so I can eat this winter."

My takeaway was that MI is a very resilient state, with a lot of gun ownership. As long as you're about 25 miles from a ghetto center, the odds of bangers and whoever making it out that far are slim. The ones that live through pillaging the suburbs will be dangerous though.

The conventional thinking about Michigan is:

The Bridge will be closed. You cannot bug out to the UP.

Detroit, Pontiac, Saginaw, and Flint will likely be set aflame as the Entitlists cant get food stamps. If you 'bug out' on a highway, it'd better be fast, before the masses figure out help isn't coming. If these are on your way 'up north', then there's a good chance that 'up north' isnt right for you.

Be at least 50 miles from a population center if you plan to 'bug in'.

Know at least 3 routes (5 is better) to your 'bug out location'.

Escape to national and state forests is a dumb idea.

Deer will be hunted to near extinction. Quail and pheasant are smart things to learn to hunt.

The Detroit --> Chicago corridor continues to see population growth. Homesteading in that swath is not the best long term option. Though, this is happening slower than economists and demographic analysts predicted

Every point you made I agree. I will have some state/county land near but
not adjacent. I have been looking at this particular, general area for five-ish
years. The key factor for me in this area is a sub-culture of the population
who have a legacy of living very differently than even the modern homesteader.
No worries about them objecting to livestock and they culturally are unconcerned
with the modern world. Couldn't ask for better neighbors.
Looks like Birch Run is a go for me.

Jimbo Cabin Dweller:
 Jimbo checking in. I reside in Yooperland, in a rural part of Delta County.


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