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I wanted to let you know that there has been some upheavals of late over at P2S.

Out of the original founding members only the owner remains. The main organiser (and energy) of all UK RVs has stepped down an requested all his posts be deleted (they have not); two long-standing administrators have stepped down and many mods have followed.

I have no idea what plans are afoot for what remains of the forum, I do know that we have all left with a very bitter taste in our mouths.

A salutory lesson in trusting like-minded individuals...

Evil kilt:
im in shropshire ,so glad to find normal folk at last .My shite needs to change and this is were it starts throw me a message if your in my area
so glad that there is a few Brits on here

Hi to Topcat, theonewhoisMatt, and evil kilt. 

I sure need to get back to this forum more often!

Bigpaul signing in, just joined the site. I'm in North Devon.

The FOM:
Hi all,

Been on hear for a while but not found this thread. I am a farmer and grower from deepest darkest flattest Essex. I hope to chat to you all.


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