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I found a website, but they're not in London
I also found a place that sells mylar bags, by not the O2 absorbers
Here in the USA, we've got things sold as handwarmers that basically do the same thing as O2 absorbers.  Maybe you've got something similar there?
Mail order just might just be your best bet.

Just checking in - been ages, sorry.   

Evening all.  Noob prepper from Dorset.  Just recently came across the podcasts.  Good for listening to on long drives, in the bath, getting through housework.  Main goal is to start gvetting 1 month of food and water together a\nd go from there.  Also just joined the 13 skills website.

Just joined! Hi all!

As mentioned in this thread about prepping and training you could try Trueways.  Run by John Wiseman who wrote the SAS survival manual, he does not only outdoors but also urban survival as well.

Trueways survival


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