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Everything is relative.  Wages are much higher in the UK and we don't pay for health insurance.

Fuel is cheaper but bearing in mind 95% of vehicles dont get greater than 20mpg fuel aint cheap.

Groceries are bloody expensive.  I used to think the US was cheap on vacation, bear in mind it used to be 1 quid = 2 dollars.

I'm from Manchester originally, my wife is American and we life in Alabama.

You guys need to LOVE the NHS because you have no idea how bad healthcare can get.

Hello again.  Glad the forum did not delete my account.

At the moment things are fun (in that way that makes you sad).  So what I do have in my small collection of stuff like tents needs to get aired over the next few days.  Best check on the waterproof and see if they need to get redone.

St the moment I am looking into small charging units.  Well solar powered lights you get for a few pounds now.  Mostly to use as a day charger for my amateur radio handheld/base station.  5 cells will bring out 10-12W depending on the daylight.  So even if the power goes out for a short while I can get working on the radio when power goes out.

So hi to all the UK members and this time of year is a good time to check out your stuff.  ;)  Have fun all.

im from dorset. sunny south england... well when its not raining  ;)

been listening for a while. thought id jump on the forums at last

Hiya UK people.

welcome to jericanman and a big hello to everyone else.

I am on the look out for a place in the UK that resells shelf reliance fifo can rotation systems or something very similar. i have been scouring the i-net to no avail. I emailed shelf reliance and ask directly if they shipped here or if they had a authorised reseller and whilst very helpful and polite and with a quick response the answer was a no not yet come back and check in future in-case we have decided too..

it such a shame (but understandable in the context of the majority of jacks listeners) that a lot of the sponsors of the show and the discounts in the MSB are only applicable in the US.  that's not to say that of course being a MSB member isn't totally worth it if you do live in dear old blighty... and for the most part i have been able to source some of the great things elsewhere or get it shipped to the UK (like books etc..).. however the can system i havent been able to yet.

Whilst i would usually prefer to build something like this myself due to my storage setup it would look much better if it was slightly more professionally made... :) rather than my usual rustic but functional efforts of construction :)

cant think of anywhere that does.
 use the old  shelf system.( put new stuff on the left , use the stuff on the far right , and just slide it along as you go)

i imagine the instructables website probably has a self build design on it.


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