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Fall Workshop in Central Ohio

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Seats are starting to fill up quick! Anyone who wants to gain some knowledge and create some fantastic friendships, come sign up at

We have 10 seats left! If you haven't signed up hop on over to[url]] and get your seat reserved.

We will be making honey glazed grilled peaches on Saturday evening, made with honey from Michael Jordan and A Bee Friendly Company!

We also have some special surprise gifts for those who attend our workshop, but you have to come to find out what those are.

Come join us! It is going to be a fantastic time of learning and making friends.

Great workshop,

Thanks to Steve and Mic for putting on a great workshop. These events are so important in helping build community in our local regions. There is nothing more beneficial than making like minded friends to keep us moving toward more liberty and self reliance.  What a great group of guys and gals that are making a difference.  Can't wait to hear from all the people that I met and looking forward to their friendship and camaraderie in the future.

There needs to be a dozen of these across the country next year.  For those wanting to put one on, don't worry if it doesn't goes perfectly.  Everyone that shows up there will be so energized by the event that no one will care if something is overlooked.  Permies and preppers need these events to help those get their ideas and plans going forward. 

Jeff nw ohio

Well said Jeff, Steve and I threw that workshop together in about 45 days. We knew it wouldn't be perfect but, we both desperately wanted to get the ball rolling in our area. And your right, the presenters and attendees were so positive and enthusiastic that, it didn't matter that the hosts were amateurs. Thanks so much for coming and can't wait to do another one.

I'd like to second what Jeff said.  Thanks to Steve, Mick, and everyone else that made the workshop possible.  Jack has said before that the best sign that you have hosted a good event, is that people cannot wait to get home to put what they have learned into practice.  By that measure, this was a very good event indeed.

I look forward to the next one.

Ryan from NW Ohio


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