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How bad is Clevland Ohio ?

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There are nice areas in Cleveland, and there are not so nice areas.
Steer clear of the not so nice areas (you will know them when you approach them) and you should be fine.
Oh, and try to avoid conversations about sports with Cleveland'ers... I swear, they are the most bitter and angry fanbase out there.



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By comparison, the national average violent crime rate was 367.9/100,000 in 2013.  Some areas appear to be 10x worse, others are only slightly above average.  Boston is 840/100,000 as a city you might be more familiar with.

The real work will begin when your company tries to get Cleveland to accept you being there for a month.. :o

Actually Clevelanders are pretty nice... According to the news that is why the RNC is coming here next year, because we're nice. I'm sure that that is why it is too, no back door hand shakes or off the book agreements, it's because we're nice.


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