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How bad is Clevland Ohio ?

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There is a direct public transportation bus that runs, look for the "HealthLine" or Euclid Corridor through the Regional Transit Authority or RTA.

I believe it is a good downtown since the teams are having a fairly good record and they have the casino. They are keeping it safe and clean near public square and the warehouse district (some clubs and good restaurants). The other area that is good extends down East 9th and E4th to the Playhouse/Theater area.

I have carried CCW downtown and there are plenty of places to eat and have fun that allow.

Staying downtown will open you up to way more nightlife.

Here is a link to the bus system - you can take this pretty much anywhere around, but renting a car would naturally be a better option for safety's sake. If you are staying downtown there is a subway(ish) that runs from the airport to Tower City, if your hotel is in Tower City you won't have to step outside.

There is a LOT to do in downtown, you will probably be surprised at how live the downtown scene is for a colder climate city. As mentioned the Casino is new - great if you like gambling, but don't waste your money eating there. Restaurants and bars galore. Warehouse district has very good food.

Have a corned beef sandwich at Slymans - you'll never want to leave..  :clap:


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