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Honey for wound care

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Yes manuka honey is effective in healing of wounds.I have used it and got good results

Gale Dacalio:
You can use honey slightly warmed and add herbs for making your own medicinal syrups. 

As a wound care nurse, I do use honey from time to time (medi-honey being the brand name).  It can be a great product, but it is not a cure all for all wounds.  I would certainly recommend it over the hydrogen peroxide/neosporin regimen that seems to be the standard home care regimen for most people.  MY public service announcement:  DONT USE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE ON YOUR WOUNDS!  While hydrogen peroxide does kill the bad bacteria that might colonize your wounds, it also kills off the good cells and oxygen that your body sends to heal the wound.  Warm soap and water is more that adequate to clean a wound.   

honey wow I wish the army taught us that

We had a goat given to us a couple days ago which had SEVERE mastitis and her one teat is concrete hard on the lower half and it is possibly sloughing off in the middle of it. It is gross, even by this vet tech's experience. The former owner did nothing to treat it and she kept saying she did not have mastitis (yeah, sure). The only reason I took her was we bought the other does and she would have been left along. I did not pay a penny for her. I will take some pics of it tomorrow (sorry I did not before treatment), but even after one day of home raised honey in/on it, it is looking much better.

From experience of 5 animals now, 2 weeks of treating it with honey will probably cure her. I doubt we will be able to breed her as I believe she will not be able to milk well if at all, but we shall see. I have treated a cat with honey with necrotic mastitis who lost all of one side of her mammary system. In a few weeks you could not tell other than being teatless on that side. A rabbit who eviscarated himself healed very well too.



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