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Who has had the greatest impact on the sport of bow hunting

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My choice is Howard Hill. He is my greatest influence. Dragon

Dragon he was something special too and a big influence on Fred Bear as well.  No question he takes things back further then anyone else I could think of on the list.


--- Quote from: DrGonzo on September 19, 2008, 11:09:45 PM ---I have no idea who Fred Bear is. 

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You sir, are a blasphemer.  I do not believe you don't know who Fred Bear is.  He's one of Uncle Ted's heroes for pete's sake.

I couldn't pick one, they've all had an impact in their particular way.  Howard Hill made an impact just from the sheer amount of exposure he brought to hunting with the longbow.

Fred Bear & his cohorts made archery hunting a popular sport.  You should find out who Art Young, Saxton Pope, Ben Pearson, Glenn St. Charles, & Will Compton are.  These are some of archery history's greats, check them out. 

Some of my modern heroes are Fred Asbell, T.J. Conrads & a ton of others.  These guys all hunt with recurves & longbows which is what I hunt with.

Yes, I'm an archery fanatic... ::)

I prefer ishi.

what we call a sport was for him a necesity.


--- Quote from: dreadstalker on September 23, 2008, 09:45:41 PM ---I prefer ishi.

what we call a sport was for him a necessity.

--- End quote ---

Ah Ishi, I almost listed him among the others.  I bet most have never even heard the name or know the significance.  For a quick read, this will give some insight into who he was, although popular history may have to be revised somewhat.


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