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Not sure how I found this site, but I just started listening to the podcast over the weekend. Nice job.

Hello from Minnesota!

Excellent work here - I really appreciate all of Jack's hard work to get this up and running.   This podcast has been a blessing - I will be burning copies for friends and family who don't have ipods.

I am married with 3 kids, 3 cats, I am a software developer, live rural, and got started in preparedness before y2k.  My wonderful wife is on the same page.  My brother and I challenged each other at the time to take consistent, positive steps toward being self-sufficient and prepared for whatever might come - I quickly realized there was more to it than buying an extra few cans of food at the store - although even that was better than nothing.

Over the years, we have maintained a level of preparedness, but I had begin to get careless about it.  That has all changed.

It very exciting to be part of a community of like minded folks to discuss, learn from each other regarding what works and what doesn't, and encourage one another as well.

Gotta Love Jack's rants - especially when those other drivers cause trouble  ;D
Keep up the good work

Hey All
I am from middle Texas. 41 and married. The wife is coming around to the preparedness thing. She wasnt to gung ho at first. We put in a garden this fall. And we got a chicken coop so we will be getting chickens soon.

I know we showed up late to the dance but we are here now and ready to party.


Welcome aboard everybody!  Glad to see the community is growing.

Hi, I'm Jim and I'm an alcoholic.....ooops, sorry.  Got Tuesday and Thursday mixed up :-[

I'm in WV, where I've lived for the past 8yrs.  In 2000, picked up a small (by todays standards) home on 3ac, called it home and stayed.  I've been prepping since late 1998 when my brother asked me about Y2K.  He quit prepping in 2000, I never stopped.  Currently setting on a prepardness nest egg of about 2yrs of food/fuel/fluff just in case.  I've got it divided at about 70-30% between my place and my parents in PA. Figured either family has a chance of relocation, and I shouldn't need as much back home (farming community) as I do if I get stuck down here (extended suburbs of DC :-\). Only lacking water storage, but there's a year-round stream on the back of the property and I've got a pile of filters for my Berkey.

I'm an Engineering Technician for the FEDGOV, designing access control and monitoring systems, along with most low voltage systems you'd find in a commercial or residential environment.  I cross over the 22yr FEDGOV line in December. Wife is FEDGOV as well, same organization, same site, different building.  Sharing the ride saves gas, but I have to listen to her for 15 there's a trade-off for the convienence ;D.

Started out as an aircraft mechanic in the Army, then helicopters, then electronics.  Military from 1983 to 1994, I've been a Facility Manager for a major defense contractor after working for 2 other acronymic FEDGOV agencies where I took care of entire building systems from plumbing to electric, HVAC to security, from parking lots to the building itself. I'm your one stop shop.

Married 10yrs :-[, 12 cats, no kids.  Hobbies include anything and everything that a set of hands can do: woodworking, welding, electronics, computers. Reloading and building AR15's lately has kept me occupied when motorcycle riding can't.


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