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Teardrop trailers

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--- Quote from: Strangersolz on May 06, 2009, 10:22:43 AM ---Here's the one I've been looking at building.

--- End quote ---
Looks pretty nice.

The mikeenchells site   as advised above, is a great forum. I almost built one but went with the more discreet "sleeper" for the back of my Tacoma. It just looks like a topper on a truck, but has a sleeping area, great storage, 110, 12 volt, propane, inverters, Optima blue top as "house" battery and  other battery options. TV/DVD, coffee pot, laptop with Verizon wireless card, and even a 110 portable air conditioner. Spent 192 nights in it last year (during my away from home at work locations time), just because I like the challenge. I was actually qiute comfortable. Now it is staged at my home as BOV#2 for one of my teens to drive should we need to move out. I'm looking for the right Toyota LC or 4Runner to outfit even more extensively

Here are some Teardrop sites from my research in the past few years:

If you choose to just do up a truck, sans trailer, check out these people:

Converting a Van?

Anyway, hope these help someone out there. Because my BOV might need to get me 350 - 500 miles to reach my family, I took it seriously. YMMV

WOW! Lots of great links. I joined the forum, but right now just getting ideas.

I have a couple of places where I can bug out to and the furthest away is about 20 miles away. I'm not looking to use a trailer as a primary bugout vehicle, as much as a little camper that if needed can be used for prolonged periods.

I have been following a build over on Expedition Portal.


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