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Teardrop trailers

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Just curios if anyone else has considered a teardrop trailer or equivalent as part of their bug out options.

I've often thought it might be a good option to have a trailer set up for bugging out. There are several different options and can be made yourself for a custom fit or bought outright.

Any thoughts?

I think they are an excellent idea.

I have a small garage which I am restoring a car in at the moment.  When the car is complete and can be parked elsewhere, my next project is a teardrop trailer which will be kitted out to use for holidays and double up as a bug-out option.

I'm not getting in to debt to fund a bug out retreat.  For not much money, I can create a movable home with all the essentials loaded in.  IF the SHTF, I hitch it up to my car and go to the countryside.

I have seen a few guys make a tear drop style trailer, very functional.  just make sure they have the suspension and tires to support the load.  In typical prepper fashion you should have more then the average "camper" and those little trailers get overloaded fast.

If you want some ideas for a different kind of trailer set up, designed around offroad use and often used with a roof top tent, check out  A little expensive for my blood, but consider by most, the best overland trailer you can get.  I like a lot of the ideas they have.  They are just coming out with a tear drop and a clam shell design.  Lots of good ideas.

Here is a commercial teardrop tailer. I've been inside them at a Makers Faire, rather nice.

Here's the one I've been looking at building.


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