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So, Starting from Scratch. . .What would be a good BOV?

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The Professor:
Starting from scratch, as the subject line says, how would you build a BOV? 

Would you just buy a new vehicle?

Would you modify a recent-year truck?

How about going back to points-'n-plugs and foregoing the entire electronic ignition route?

Let's get a serious thread going about a realistic BOV project.

This is where i am headed right now.
My plan is to take a 1990 7.3l Diesel engine and putting it into an early model Bronco.
Take the engine and sheath the cylinders down to a 5.4 to reduce fuel consuption.
Put in a new Transmission to get a new 5 spd with a high cruise speed.
Put in Independant locking front and rear diffs
Along with a 5 inch suspension raise, put in a 3 inch body lift and a tensioning system to lock down the front and the rear suspensions.
Put in an extra fuel cell where the spare tire is. Move the tire mount to the roof rack.
This is the goal... Lets see how it goes with no mechanical skill, money, or room :D


To me I guess it would depend on the Bug out situation that you will be facing.

If your BOL is already set up, it's grab and go in less than 10 minutes, and you alone I would think that a motorcycle could be your best option. I know some people are going to say WHAT! you can't haul anything on that. I bet you could throw on your BOB, as well as some other things and strap them down tight.

Now if you are hauling family and or more supplies to your BOL I would think that an SUV of some kind would help. Maybe with a luggage rack on top and a hitch mount rack, or trailer. This would work great if you had a few hours before you needed to leave.

I guess my ideal BOV would be a mid eighties 4X4 Suburban with a small lift job. Gas or Diesel? probably diesel as most farms have diesel stored for their tractors. There are less vehicles that run on diesel, so there would probably be a longer supply if TSHTF.

I would pick the larger SUV because I would probably be hauling my family, as well as hauling some supplies to my BOL.

Mid eighties to hopefully get away from the EFI, and the computers that would probably be harder to replace. I have limited experience working on engines, and feel more comfortable working on things that don't have the electronics to contend with.

4X4 in case the roads start to clog, and I need to get away from a swarming mass that is eye balling my large BOV carrying supplies.

I would include a Hi-lift jack, for speed of changing flats, 4-way same thing, tool box containing standard wrenches, pliers,etc to work on the BOV.

A sturdy pair of bolt Cutters for any fences that are in the way if I end up using the 4X4. A winch, cause if you get stuck your gonna get pissed... >:( some chains and cables.

Road and Topo maps of the areas I'm going to be traveling.

Communication tools - CB or HAM.

Something similar to what CDunlap has on this thread-

People underestimate what a motorcycle can carry, I used to have one and used it to go camping with a fairly large amount of equipment. I had a bag that sits on the tank, saddlebags, a large duffel sideways across the back (sitting across the seat and saddlebags) and a backpack which I could have worn, but strapped on top of the duffle.

This wasn't a large touring bike either, it was a sportbike.

My current BOV is a large step van (think UPS truck). It runs and works as is, but I am in the process of adding insulation, balistic resistant materials, and better shelving.

Then I want to swap the front axle and add a divorced transfer case for 4 wheel drive. Already have the parts, just need to make the time. It runs a small diesel and gets remarkably good fuel mileage if you don't ask it to do 70 or higher.

And it can carry a small motorcycle and/or golf cart/utility vehicle inside it while towing a small trailer.

Well, okay your going to laugh at me, but I see a canoe, bicycle with a bike trailer and skies with sled in my future as BOV's . I am pretty worried about a EMP in reality it is fairly easy to get the materials and delivery the payload. I can maintain a bike and I don't need gas if something happens I can hook it up and use it as a generate for small amounts of power. If pumps are working since I need to eat anyway the BOV's have power and no need to worry about fuel. Lower investment for me personally then what others are planning so if nothing happens I have a few hobbies. Not as fast as some other methods but would work in a pinch.

No I don't plan on getting rid of my car.     


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