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Each day the first person to post on the thread for the day will post a SHTF scenario. The rest of us will post what we will need to do to survive. This is just an idea, it might fail and it might be cool IDK but well give it a shot so here we go.

Total financial failure and economic break down. The stock market drops to a point were everything bottoms out. Gas sky rockets, food and water cost 10 times as much as they do today, riots break out, and FEMA cant help... What do you do?

(Dont pick apart the post just answer as if Im not ignorant of the process' and repercussions of total financial failure and economic break down)   

Capt Cook:
I have some pretty good neighbors around me here.
Most of us would try to band together for defense, food sharing & I guess I'd have to break open the old well in back of my house & get it working.

At least one of us has a generator & that could be used to keep food cold & keep radios operating & charge up batteries, etc...
If money is no good anymore then I, myself, am a pretty good barterer(been doing it a long time now) & we could gather up supplies for trade to others for things we need. We also have a good pool of skills amongst us. Medical, auto, construction, etc...

Well that's a start. Anyone else care to chime in?

I have a few families in my church that are farmers and a few more that are survivalist at heart. I think the first thing i would do is setup shop at the church (cuz thats where most in need would go) while at the same time sending out scouts to communicate with the families that are self reliant. thats where I would start so that we could get a homestead big enough for the church congregation started. In the mean time I would ration my stock of water until we could get some guys together at the homestead to start harvesting food and water. It would be a rough transition but i think after a few rough months we would get into a flow and setup a organized leadership.

to be honest i would love to get back to that anyway...

If there was a break down in society I'd start with the neighborhood watch group.  Secure the perimeter of my neighborhood, survey skill sets, and work strictly from the inside ---out.

Acess the situation, stay calm, and from the items in my home gather whatever extra materials needed to get through.  My only concern would be the kids being between the school and home on the bus.  After gathering all the family, we'd then re-acess the situation and make sure any confilct wasn't approaching our area.  We have planned incase this happened and we will use our back alley map (we call it) to get to my sister's farm to meet them there.  (for those that don't know what a back alley map's one that stays off the main roads, and away from larger cities that would likely be hot spots.)   
Items that I would bring along that is not in my BOB bag...seeds, family papers, the food we have, and my hefty supply of toilet paper. 


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