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How Far will the Unprepared Travel ?

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The Professor:

--- Quote from: Gamer on November 23, 2019, 09:13:56 PM ---Just don't answer the door..:)
But I suppose it depends what your home is like, I live on the 3rd floor of a small apartment block, and to get in they'd have to smash down the street door and come up the stairs and kick my flat door down.
But hopefully they'd be tackled by the tenants in the flats below mine first..:)

--- End quote ---

Yeah, that's if the tenants in the flats below don't break YOUR door down before the outsiders do.

The Professor

The Professor:

--- Quote from: Prepper Rob on October 14, 2019, 12:27:05 PM ---Greetings ACA Members

My wife and I are in our 50's and have a 18 year old nonverbal low functioning autistic son.

We live in one of the last few houses before the suburbs turn into farm land.

I hear new and old preppers on podcasts speak of there fear of what the unprepared are going to do.

I belive with out gasoline, there will not be a lot of people travailing around.

I belive the people asking for help or drug / alcohol seeker will come from a walking one mile radius of my house.

How do you all feel about this ?

Prepper Rob

--- End quote ---

Let me make a few comments, here:

First, you're looking for an answer that no one can give without any parameters to set any form of limit.

So, my answer is : Others will go as far as they feel necessary to continue living.  Will they raid your house?  My answer is: Wouldn't you be better off prepping for that possibility than hoping for an answer to the contrary?

Since we don't know the type of situation for which you are preparing, I'll assume a worst-case, total-collapse scenario without any immediate chance for recovery.

What I see is similar to what others call a "swarm of Locusts."  First, people will exhaust the supplies they have and can steal/loot easily.  THen, they'll start reaching outwards, farther and farther.  Conflict will occur between individuals and groups over waning resources.  Groups will grow, fight, shatter, and reform over and over through attrition and resource exhaustion.

They will move from one area to another as they use up resources in each area.  Some will try to recover by securing an area and enable resource growth and regrowth.  In other words, tribes will grow, fight, die and survivors will make new tribes. Some will become bedouin-style wanderers, some will be Mad Max-esque Raiders and yet others will be like the smaller villages of The Postman movie.

Will they find you?  Possibly.  I would suggest having responses in place if/when they do.

The Professor

I worry less than some on this. First I'm 5 miles off the county road up a logging road with a locked gate 2 miles in. Second i am a primary bugout location for a group of prepper s and a backup bugout location for a second group of people .
 Ex military and  current law enforcement in both groups .3 with sniper training . Not a place you want to force your way into.

Sounds like a good situation, fixit.

We are not as remote as your location and don't really have a group of preppers we've made plans with, but we are outside of any population centers and surrounded by good old-fashioned folks who take care of themselves (gardening, livestock, etc) and who look out for each other pretty well, with the exception of a very few. We'll probably be among the most prepared in the nearby area, but aren't really advertising that fact. We'll do what we can to develop networks and encourage others to be ready to take care of themselves. We'll continue to prepare ourselves as much as we can.

Prepper Rob:
Greetings Professor

I believe there are two types of preppers who been prepping for several years that is the glass half full and the glass half empty. 

I am asking you to join me in the glass half full crowd and to teach and encourage people to prepare for the worst and hope for the best and help them realize that only Russia and China can send enough EMP missiles to knock out the power to the entire country and they are not going to do that because it would hurt there economy. 

The best that North Korea / Iran can do is to shoot a few that will knock out the East Coast power grid.  The east coats grid can also be knocked out by two team of 6 terrorist from the ground in which Texas and the West Coast will have power and will be sending their national guard to help and relief agencies from all around the world we will be coming in to help.

As an open Prepper, who is trying to do operational security by not inviting people to my house now to see my preps, I want to be invited to their house to haul off all their junk, put up a piece of plywood in the garage for them to mount their battery rack for their 12 Volt power system, put up shelves and talk to them about their fears of what other people are going to do when the event happens.

I want to spread and project my opinion that will be living in a ghost town full of dead bodies of the unhealthy in the suburbs and we need to be ready to shoot the bad guys and that every house in the suburbs will not have three groups of people every day asking for help or worse.  That only happens in the movies / Prepper Fiction

I am also asking every county school corporation, church, mosque and synagogue across the USA to gather up supplies to establish mini FEMA camps after the event happens.

Prepper Rob, Louisville, Ky.


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