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How Far will the Unprepared Travel ?

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Local folks that do not have resources could steal your food, resources, chickens or whatever. Things like bicycles, ATV's, motorcycles would be used to extend range. This type of concern would be from a large scale event. Your best protection would be local neighbors in cooperation. Just my thoughts.

RULE No.1- Don't broadcast it around that you're a prepper, because if word gets around you can expect people to come hammering on your door when it hits the fan hoping you'll take them in, especially if you've turned your cellar into a shelter..;)

TWILIGHT ZONE "The Shelter"-
1- A happy neighbourhood birthday party, what could possibly go wrong?
2- Radio announcer- "Incoming enemy missiles. get in your shelters!"
3- "Lemme in, I'm your mate"........"Clear off!"
4- "None of us have got a shelter, let's bust into his!"
5- Radio announcer-"False alarm"
6- "Get out of my house you lot!"

PS- I learnt the folly of broadcasting some years ago when our cycling club went on a 100-mile ride in midwinter; I was showing off my small rucksack full of food and drink before the start, and as a result riders who'd got no food kept pedalling up to me en route trying to beg stuff off me and I said "Sorry, I've only got enough for myself" which didn't go down to well, and they were dropping out like flies all round the course and only me and a couple of other "preppers" finished the course, but I wouldn't have done if I'd handed out my stuff..:)


--- Quote from: Gamer on November 22, 2019, 02:40:51 AM ---"Sorry, I've only got enough for myself"
--- End quote ---
And it sucks that you're the dick for not sharing your stuff with the idiots that didn't think they needed any supplies to make a mid-winter centennial ride.

Your very polite reply of "Sorry, I've only enough for myself" could easily have been a bit more direct. I'd have probably laughed and them and had a more rude remark...


--- Quote from: Prepper Rob on October 14, 2019, 12:27:05 PM ---I belive the people asking for help or drug / alcohol seeker will come from a walking one mile radius of my house.
How do you all feel about this ?
--- End quote ---

Just don't answer the door..:)
But I suppose it depends what your home is like, I live on the 3rd floor of a small apartment block, and to get in they'd have to smash down the street door and come up the stairs and kick my flat door down.
But hopefully they'd be tackled by the tenants in the flats below mine first..:)


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