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Free rope/ Free wood/Free cattle feed


Try this.
When driving around look for utility crews that are pulling cable or wire. Make a mental note of their location and try stopping at the worksite at the end of the day. They use a nylon woven "tape" webbing that comes off of spools to pull the cable with. They don't reuse it and throw it away at the end of the night. If you ask nicely they usually will give it to you. The tape is amazingly strong and versatile and they usually have hundreds of feet of it to give away. I have also found that starting out the conversation with a cold soda to offer gets you alot farther.

Same thing with Tree care company's if you call them and ask them for firewood and can meet them at a jobsite, you can get free firewood. Saves them from hauling it off. If you bring food they will buck it up and sometimes help load it.

In the Northwest we are Microbrew crazy and there are a ton of brewery's. Call them up and you can get free barley and hops for the critters. By the truckload.

I've even gotten Columbia sportswear to give away experimental/flawed jackets.

There are opportunities like this everywhere, any one else have ideas????

Awesome.  Thank you for sharing these tips!  =-]

Great ideas!!!

Nice post.

I work in a warehouse & we get rid of scrap lumber literally by the trailer load full.  We keep two doors with trailers in them just to load old pallets & other assorted types of lumber in that is left over from the materials we receive & use in our manufacturing processes.  If you have warehouses in your area these are potentially great sources for free lumber.  Granted, it's not always going to look the greatest but just about everything we cast off is usable in some manner.


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