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Trusty, be ready for crime not riots. Riots will only begin if the government ceases services because it cannot afford to dole it out anymore, which has not happened, yet. If the government ceases services like welfare checks then will be the time to worry about cities catching fire. The reason I say this is because people still have a safety net. Nanny is still there capable of taking care of the sheeple, as some would say. Crime on the other hand is going to increase as unemployment increases. Being able to protect yourself from thugs is paramount. I think Fer Fal illustrates things really well for this type of environment since he is living through it every day of the week.

I live in the suburbs too. There is some woods around, but not as much as in rural places. My plan seems to be that I would try to stay put as long as I can, especially if I have a job. I have to look after my mother as well, she lives nearby in a house and I might have to stay over there instead of in my small condo.

if it got really bad, I would probably have a plan that I could bug out of the house if it seems too dangerous to be around there, but return later to see if things cooled down and if any looting occurred etc. I might try to figure where could I hide out close to where I live. I might even want to sleep out in the backyard or someplace in the house that was hidden from view like in the storage room amongst boxes or someplace that is hidden that no one would expect someone to be sleeping there. A bivy water proof bivy sack might be ideal. Maybe sleeping during the daytime would be the safer thing to do, not sure .. I would say just try to have a plan for where you would go if your survival chances seemed bad where you live. Somewhere more remote where there is more woods or something like that, maybe relatives who live someplace else. If you got to get out and leave most of your possessions, that might be the tough luck you have to do, though it's a last resort for sure. You could try to hide some stuff out in the woods, cache food up in trees like they bear bag stuff, whatever.

 I think prayer is good in times of trouble also. I try to ask for more faith so that I know even if I get taken out, my spirit will continue on someplace else ... but I also think in some situations, death might possibly not be the worst case scenario, though that could be a really tough one ...


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