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With winter coming on I have been wondering if one of those thermo-care heating pads for your back would be worth adding to my vehicle BOB. If they work they might be a handy thing to have in your cars emergency supplies.

Anyone ever use one and if so how much heat did it actually create?

Tactical Badger:
Not as much as a hand warmer, I think.  Cheapest option yet is MRE heaters.  They get REALLY hot though.  Maybe if they were wrapped in clothe or something.

If I recall thy are two for ten dollars.  I think there should be a cheaper way.  I just have long johns and coveralls in my truck.   When the snow begins to fly, I will throw the boots in.  But for now I ride a bicycle everywhere.

Tactical Badger:
Yeah, I didn't even think about how expensive they are.

I try and stock up on handwarmers when Walmart is trying to get rid of them in the Spring.


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