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Grundig FR200 on sale at Bass Pro

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$29.95 regular $39.95. AM/FM SW, crank powered ect.  Might just be store prices only, not sure about online.


$29.94 right now online...

Good find!  =-]

I'm going against Jacks will and picking up one Wednesday. Might have to use it during a storm.


My mom gave me one of these the first year I was in Florida. I love it.

The three AA batteries are quirky, as it makes it hard to charge the batteries. My chargers just don't like charging odd numbers of batteries.

Does anybody know if plugging this thing in with a AC adapter would charge either the NiMH or the AA batteries?

I have been looking for a small 4-4.5 volt solar cell  that will fit over the speaker grill area. That would make this gem of a radio absolutely killer in my mind. Then I don't have to crank on it every 5 minutes or so. Just leave it in a window when I am not using it.

What about a solar powered recharger for the batteries. That should not be that difficult.



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