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Positive Pressure Air Filtering

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In this podcast,, addresses survival in a biohazard situation such as the avian flu. One great way to help reduce exposure to biological or chemical threats is to use positive pressure filtering in your home. Positive pressure filtering is a pretty simply concept, push air (filtered through a hepa filter) into your home or a room in your home at a rate that is greater than the pressure from outside. This causes a constant out-flow of air from your home to the outside world making it virtually impossible for contaminated error to flow from outside into your home.

simple in concept but please. Try it before your life depends on it.
Not enough air pressure and your doing no good. Too much and you risk a blowout on your door or window seal treatments.

Facts not words.

I think for the benefit of all who read the posts on this forum, we should be posting methods and techniques that have been tried and true.  Facta non Verba.  Facts not words.  If you have actually tried and tested something that works for you, then by all means post you experience here.  I find it difficult to place value on statements like “I think” or “this could work”.  An idea is one thing, actual experience is way more valuable info and passing this knowledge is one of the best ways that we can turn people from liabilities to assets WTSHTF.

The main problem with setting up a posi pressure system like stated above is that the air has to come from somewhere, if the entire house is airtight then there would be no air. In today's world any air that was put outside the house would have to be replaced with air from the outside. Posi systems can and will work but there is a little more to it than a blower and a HEPA filter. However, it would help on you dust and pollen problem inside. AlphaRublicon has a way to make one of these units on its free pages.


The air is pulled from outside the house to the inside through a hepa filter, the whole point of the posi system is to eliminate the need for an air-tight structure. My first exposure to this actually came from the alpha rubicon article on the subject. I don't worry too much about chem/bio problems, but I just wanted to start a discussion. I think the rubie motto facta non verba is worthwhile, but I also believe that the ability to discuss things prior to trying them or simply being aware of a method, even if you haven't tried it, is also worthwhile. This is not, afterall, the Rubicon which has a completely different and in my opinion somewhat elitest view of survivalism.


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