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Title: Compost tea - a quick (and easy) way to build soil!
Post by: 7th Generation Design on April 14, 2020, 12:13:54 PM

Another blog post in our Nutrient Cycling for Homesteads series - this time on Compost Tea (!

Brewing your own compost tea is one of the lowest-hanging fruits available to any home gardener, homesteader or farmer to quickly and powerfully increase the vitality of the soil food web and the trees and plants that grow amongst it. Brewing setups can be scaled to practically any usage level, and can be made on the cheap with simple materials or be complex and capable of producing precision mixes geared towards specialty crops and landscapes. Inputs can be obtained for free or made on your own with vermicompost (which we discussed in an earlier post (!), thermophilic compost, indigenous microorganisms (IMOs), foraged or farmed fungi, kelp and other plant extracts and more.

Here is an outline of the info covered in the blog post (

Nutrient Cycling for the Homestead: Compost Tea


Compost tea is nutrient and microbe rich liquid that is aerobically brewed to maximize the number of beneficial microbes, fungi and bio-available nutrients for the soil food web and plants. Basically it’s an immune-boosting, growth-enhancing, nutrifying power drink for your garden!

The benefits of regular application of compost tea to any garden, orchard, food forest or otherwise preferred group of plants are innumerable. Below is a short list of known benefits, and we are still learning about more every year.

Also covered in the blog post:


Compost Tea is yet another amazing technique to have as part of a homesteaders quiver for cycling waste back into a highly valuable garden product.  It’s easy to get started - so please make sure to check it out before you go (, and please make sure to leave a comment to let us know how compost tea has worked for you (if you’re already utilizing it), or share any questions you have!

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Casey and Wes



The 7th Generation Design “Nutrient Cycling for Homesteads” series covers the many ways you can build fertility, create soil, cycle nutrients and take responsibility for “waste” streams on your property. These systems all integrate with one another to increase resilience, improve nutrition (for soil and humans) and save dollars. The posts are written from our own experience and are geared towards the DIYer, though options are provided for ready-to-go purchased systems as well.  For more of our blog posts, or our free e-books "Resilient Property Design Essentials", check out our website (!