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We know.

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Morning Sunshine:
edit to my previous post:

thinking about this since I posted, I sounded snooty and petulant.  let me rephrase:  I would rather have the forum up and running than worry about format.  I also started thinking about if it were me in charge of fixing these types of bugs on a Saturday where I have other plans with my family and stuff, and I want to sincerely thank you two for your service to the TSP community.  :beer: (root beer, of course  :P)

First, thanks for putting all that work into getting it up and running.

As for the format, we'll get used to it. 

I very much LIKE what I am seeing. MUCH easier to see and read.

Good Job! Thanks!

Thanks for the hard work getting the forum back up, Sis and Archer!

Howard Wallace:
Nice, but can you do paisley?


Great job getting things up and running.


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