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I'm happy that you provided this useful information.  Thank you.

Just gave you a +1 for the excellent post of very useful information, Walker. Thank you for sharing with us.

Mr. Bill:

--- Quote from: walker on March 20, 2012, 09:53:01 PM ---50 views and your the only one to reply?  Thanks, but sadly my friend, it seems things like ingesting colloidal silver just seems to take precedence to real world necessary knowledge.  I hope at least a few folks printed off what I wrote for use on a rainy day.  I don't come by this forum often, but when I do, I try to help where I can.

--- End quote ---

Sorry, Walker, I got distracted the first time I saw this post and forgot to thank you.  Excellent info, and yes I did just print out a copy for emergencies.  +1.

We aren't all into colloidal silver and herbal cures as a replacement for modern medicine -- although I do see quite a lot of mistrust of non-natural stuff in the prepper community.  But I think the main driving force is the interest in being self-sufficient: if there's a serious collapse, what medications can I produce all by myself?

It's good to keep self-sufficiency in mind, but I agree with you that (pre-TEOTWAWKI at least!) severe abdominal pain means it's time to contemplate a hospital, not to haul out the fish antibiotics.  An important part of Jack's message is that we need to prepare for the common everyday personal SHTF events.  Poor Hootie just gave us an example by coming down with appendicitis yesterday -- luckily he was able to recognize what was happening and get himself fixed up.

Thanks again for an excellent post.

I just ran across this post on a google search.  Decided to register on the site so I can thank you for your very informative post.  I have printed it out and am adding to my medical notes.

Thanks again for taking the time to write this.

Thanks for the cudos Slom, I am glad to have helped, and welcome to the forum.


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