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Nice option to ship in an unmarked container -picked up a few needed items.  It arrived nice and fast...


--- Quote from: Bradbn4 on October 05, 2012, 10:11:28 PM ---Nice option to ship in an unmarked container

--- End quote ---
Yeah I like that option. Now the fed ex guy doesnt know what Im getting. ;)

Have placed a couple orders recently and like the others, good expierence over-all. I really appreciate that my orders got procesed quickly as the strongest plus for this company.

All I can say is AWESOME service and turn around time. We order a large order on Wednesday at 3pm and it hit our door step Saturday in the AM with Thanksgiving in the middle. I have used two other online ammo dealers and I have to say good bye to them and HELLO to Bulkammo!

Stay Safe!

Just had another problem free dealing with them. They are my first choice for mail order ammo.


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