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Tactical Badger:
You might want to try and locate a traditional archery club in your area.  I'm sure it's members could help you with lessons and locating equipment.

Sister Wolf:
We found a place!!  ;D  TW & I ran over to Riverside Archery today, and we had an awesome experience.  We had a conversation with Travis (who is either one of the owners, or just works there for his parents) about traditional archery, as well as modern archery (with compound bows).  Before we talked to Travis, I was really leaning toward wanting a recurve.  I shot a 50 lb. longbow about 7 or 8 years ago in the backyard of a friend, and have been drooling over bows ever since.  I have tried avoiding compound equipment, wanting that experience over, and over again.  However... I want to hunt.  I want a bow that I can hunt with.  And I want to have fun.  So, I'm going to go with the compound, I think.

After doing a little bit of research, I think I'm going to start with a Diamond.  Either a Razor Edge, or a Rock.  I want to talk to the archery guy at the store again before I make my final decision, but either way, we LOVED the way they treated us in there.  They acted like they actually cared where we would end up spending our money.  :)

Tactical Badger:
Excellent!  Do they have a small range where you can try out the bows before you buy them?

I've found that the traditional archery shops are pretty much all like that.  They sell traditional equipment because they LOVE traditional equipment.  And, are usually very helpful about getting people started in traditional archery. 

Nobody shoots traditional because it's easier.  They do it because they love it.

Sister Wolf:
Actually, they have a really nice, big indoor range.  Biggest one we've seen yet (including the one at Bass Pro Shop, which is sort of pathetic compared to this one).  :) 

Here's a link to an interesting bow shop online. You can get DIY traditional bows that you can finish yourself. I like their composite horse bows myself (not compound).


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