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Sister Wolf:
Thank you, Archer.  This is a neat site! :)

Yes it is, I like the idea of finishing my own bow. Now I just need $ for it.

My cousin makes longbows:


--- Quote from: Doug on January 21, 2009, 10:59:25 PM ---My cousin makes longbows:

--- End quote ---
I've heard of them.  Sweet lookin' sticks too.

Yeah, Bobby does a nice job on his bows. Bobby, myself, and our two brothers grew up spending every weekend (weeks at a time during the summer) bow hunting the creeks and tembers through our farms. We got pretty good. My family had more money then his so bobby made some of his bows. I still own the Ben Person recurve BP-H52 (got it right here) that I got for Christmas 1968. I guess in 10 years it'll be an antique.

The farm house (the "home place") where we stayed was where his dad and my mom grew up during the depression. I would've loved to have this place today since it was a perfect survivalist homestead. We were survivalists then and didn't know it.

The only real heat in the house was a woodstove and propane heater in the kitchen. At night the propane was truned off and the wood would burn down. The only heat we had to sleep with was electric blankets. the house had no water heater. There wasn't even a bathroom until 1970. I helped plumb it when I was a freshman in highschool. Water came from a windmill. If you wanted to take a bath the tub was in the "rockhouse" (a cement-block building) next to the windmill. You had to boil water on the kitchen stove and carry it out to the tub. Milk came from a milk cow and eggs from chickens. Because butter was homemade we all got to churn it. There was a large garden and Bobby's dad made sure there was always a veriety of fruit trees. My mom and aunt would pick wild grapes and plumbs to make jelly. They got into cooking polk salad too for awhile. 

Whatever we shot, like a snapping turtle, and brought home Bobby's dad or our uncle who lived there would fry it up for supper.

As kids we were addicted to watching Saturday morning cartoons on the black and with TV. Our uncle chewed us out a few times because he thought us kids used too much electricity watching and leaving lights on. He was pissed because his electric bill was $20. Granted that was the late 1960's though. Today, my cusin lives on the old home place and I live on our families farm 1/2 mile away.

I think I'm going to enjoy reading this forum.


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