Author Topic: Airsoft Sig SP2022 and Holster  (Read 4699 times)

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Airsoft Sig SP2022 and Holster
« on: May 03, 2014, 10:04:49 AM »
I'm going to be giving away my Airsoft (at least one of them ;-) on my web site, near the end of May.  A copy of the Sig SP2022.  It's actually a good trainer for a lot of Sig models, because the grips and design are similar on the other double stacks.  It also has a IWB holster with it.  I'm actually going to use the holster as an example of how NOT to make a holster.  However, it works well with the airsoft, so I'll give the two away together.  I should have the review up next weekend and be doing the give away at the end of May.  If you want a chance at it, or the other ones we are giving away this month, there is a sign up for notifications at
   By the way, if this sounds spammy, somebody call me out on it.  I just want the TSP people to get first dibs on our free stuff, but I haven't been here long enough to know if this would be annoying.  Thanks!

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Re: Airsoft Sig SP2022 and Holster
« Reply #1 on: July 01, 2014, 01:09:02 AM »
Hey, all, I'm the guy who won this gun and holster!  If you read the review on his site, you'll see that the holster is junk.  I'd have to agree.  Good enough for an Airsoft, but I can't imagine it holding onto a full-weight pistol the size of the SP2022. 

The gun itself is pretty cool.  I only have a couple of cheapo springer Airsoft guns, so the "semi-auto" nature of a CO2 gun is much more fun.  You can't really practice double-taps and rapid fire with a gun you have to cock between shots!

Anyway, just wanted to drop in and report that it seems like this guy is for real.  Very professional interaction, and so far I haven't had my identity stolen or my dog kidnapped or any other consequences of giving him my e-mail address.   ;)