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What Civilian Gun Training Schools Have You Attended/What Did You Think?

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I'm curious to hear (read) about your experiences with different fire arms training schools.  The good, the bad, and any thing else about being trained at Front Site, Thunder Ranch, Yeager's (our TSP Yeager) training, or any others.   

I'd think that my next Christmas present to myself will be traveling to one of these and would your recommedations would be appreciated. 

Berserker Prime

I'd be particularly interested in any experiences in New England.

Suarez International, Designated Marksman Class, in Houston Feb 2009
This class was ok; It wasn't too expensive and I got my money's worth. It was a class on how to be a DM (Tactics, field conditions, related issues), not how to shoot well enough to qualify as a DM, so several of the people that came to the class expecting to learn how to shoot at 200-500 yards were disappointed. God blessed the class with some really serious winds (20 to 25 constant with gusts to 35) so we were able to work in some realistic conditions. I'd give the class 3 stars out of 5. We did a night shooting exercise that was worth the price of admission by itself. It was the first time that group had run that class, so I expect they learned from it too (mostly about the expectations of the students about precision shooting instruction) Student Feedback and AARs here:

Tactical Reponse, Fighting Pistol, Bastrop TX March 2009
5 of 5 stars, AAR posted here:

It isn't a "gun training" class, but I've also taken an AMOK! class from Tom Sotis of
That is another 5 of 5 stars class, and we spent a good deal of time doing what Tom calls "Accessing", which is getting to your weapon (no matter what your weapon is) when someone jumps at you with a knife. You can't be alert constantly, and your attacker will be looking for those openings.

I am taking Fighting Rifle and Advanced Fighting Rifle from Tactical Reponse in Bastrop Labor Day weekend, and will post an AAR here.

Jack Crabb:

--- Quote from: liftsboxes on August 21, 2009, 04:48:23 AM ---I'd be particularly interested in any experiences in New England.

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Lethal Force Institute and SIG Academy in New Hampshire.  S&W Academy in Mass.  All good.

There are some traveling instructors that bring their road show to Conn. from time to time.  John Farnum is well worth the effort.

James Yeager:

--- Quote from: Jack Crabb on August 21, 2009, 10:02:22 AM ---  John Farnum is well worth the effort.

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