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canning loquats


While loquats do not grow at my location, they grow close by and people have too many, some years I go glean and get a loquat fix, eat some fresh for a couple days. 

A couple years ago, I canned loquat halves, like canning canned apricots, which worked out well but is time consuming.  That year I also made ammaretto using the abundant loquat seeds.  Still have some of the ammaretto.

This year I thought, why not make loquat jam ?  But, I looked up loquat jam on the internet instead of just using an apricot jam recipe.  All interweb people thought loquats have alot of natural pectin and to just cook it up, with sugar of course.  So, I food processed some lightly and cooked with sugar.  It did not change into a beautiful ruby red as promised.  Tasted alright.  I got tired of the excercise and canned it up.  6 half pints.  Not sure of the results, I usually make pomona pectin jams.  Anyway, it is either jam or loquat pulp --  We will see how it is on toast next fall. 

Anyone else here tried to preserve loquats ?

Morning Sunshine:
I have not had loquats.  I love kumquats and have not thought to preserve them.  Limequats are my favorite, and I ferment them like I do my lemons.


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