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Taking care of your mason jars

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Ok. So looking for how others take care of your jars.
We simply wash after emptying, apply a lid (new or used) and band, and try to box them back up neatly and store somewhere, which we put them in our storeroom.

Another jar cleanup is to boil them in vinegar water to remove the white from them.
After a time it seems the minerals turn the jars white.

I just hand wash the jars and if there are any white spots of fat stuck inside I stuff a green non-abrasive pad in and the dish cloth on top. Twist it around a few times. I haven't had white deposits on the jars themselves that I can see, yet. I see stuff on the lids from the WB canner but it needs boiling out with vinegar water, we are supposed to have very Hard Water. I use cream of tartar in the pressure canner.

BTW we still don't have a working dish washer except for me and I don't work too well usually. Just 2 of us.

We add vinegar to the water bath and canner both. Keeps the jars cleaner coming out.

I rinse them out and put them in the dish washer.  When they come out, they just go in the basement on a shelf.  I kept most of the boxes, so most of the time the jars go in the boxes.

We wash them out by hand then store them top-down in the pantry.


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