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Classico Pasta Sauce Jars

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--- Quote from: Redman on July 07, 2018, 09:38:03 AM --- Could have sworn the ones I've seen had Atlas and Mason on them.

--- End quote ---

I've got jars with those names also. No idea where they've actually came from.
Guess I need to go out there and sort those....

I'm reminded of Ball/Kerr rings and Anchor Hocking rings. I've noticed that regardless of the name on the jar the AH rings are much looser than the Ball/Kerr rings. The B/K rings tend to cross thread and the AH rings seem to fit over the jar to the point of needing only about 1/4 to 1/2 turn to tighten. I don't think I've had any AH ring try to cross thread.

I've kinda noticed that loose ring sometimes also. As far as I know, I haven't bought any AH jars and rings (new), but more-n-likie have some used ones from garage sale hopping.

Walmart has been selling AH here this year. First time I've noticed them on the shelves.
About .50 a case cheaper than B & K.

Yeah my local WM has had them. Pints and half pints. I got some AH pints a while back and my square and round half pints are AH. I just like the B&K jars because of the debossing on them. I know they have "smooth sided" jars and I have some but I'm weird, I like the ones with all the stuff on the sides. And yeah the AH is somewhat cheaper. I bet there won't be any cheap sales this year.

I save all my Classico jars and tops and other quart size jars with tops. I use them for vacuum sealing dry goods like pasta, beans, etc. they work great.


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