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Classico Pasta Sauce Jars

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I've collected a few and wondered about using them for canning. I was thinking it should be OK. Vintage jars maybe but the new ones, no. This from the Classico website.

Can I reuse the Classico® jar for home canning?

 No. A coating is applied at the glass plant to reduce scratching and scuffing. If scratched, the jar becomes weaker at this point and can more easily break. This would increase the risk of the jar breaking when used for canning. Also, the lighter weight of our current jar could make it unsafe for home canning.

Strange that they coat glass.  ???

Yeah, I will use them for vacuum packing I think.

Excellent jar for that use.

I've got a few of the aldi's fruit jars that are close to identical, size and shape.
But aldi's jar won't take the standard mason ring. Looks the same, but the ring won't tighten up. A smidgen too big, the ring.
And, curious as to why, I still have a few full jars in storage, aldi's country of origin on these fruit jars and ???

That could be the reason. I've looked at them but haven't pull the trigger on any. Think I'll take another look when there in a few days. Could have sworn the ones I've seen had Atlas and Mason on them.


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