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Winco Foods ?

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I am driving across state with time to stop at Winn Co. I already asked them to order a bag of sea salt to have on hand for me, but any other recommended prep or camping supplies ? Bulk foods of theirs you recommend ? I will have time to roam around, but if I want a large amount of something I will need to preorder, and it is such a large store my eyes may glaze over, so good to have a list of what to look out for

Sorry, no idea MM. I'm not familiar with that co.


--- Quote from: Stwood on June 09, 2018, 06:33:20 PM ---Sorry, no idea MM. I'm not familiar with that co.

--- End quote ---

It is only in the western states, and I spelled it wrong, Winco Foods.  It is like a discount grocery store with alot of bulk and some organics, etc....No membership required, and you do not need to buy alot at once, besides packaged foods they have the most bulk bins I have ever seen, so you can buy just a bit of something.  Eclectic mix, if I recall, bulk bins have junky snacks and candy and also very healthy, cheap things like oats, flour, herbs, etc...  So far, I have gone online and pre-ordered a 50 lb bag of both salt and sugar to be there for me next wednesday. They have inexpensive canned goods, as I recall. But, It has been a while since I have been in one, too far away from me. They are built not too far off from the major interstate in CA, hwy 5. They do not even try to expand to outlying areas.

I just looked at their map, they have expanded out from the west, they are in Texas and Oklahoma,-121.78255000000001&zoom=8

Billie D:
My canned food supply was getting quite low so I did a Winco run the other day.
I really do love that store (minus the meat section, which sometimes feels a bit sketchy to me)
I was able to load up a cart full, mostly of canned supplies, and come out the door at $200. No way could I have done that at the local grocery store.   I do love the pricing there.  I realize you already went, but next time watch -- often times the bigger item is cheaper than the smaller because they got a good deal on it. I've gotten the family size cereal cheaper than the small, and the humungous fabric softener for less than the tiny bottle.  it pays to check those things out when you go there.
I wouldn't really even classify it as a discount grocery store.. it's employee owned, so they do what they can to keep prices down.  No baggers, the shelves aren't "pretty", they cut off the front of the big cardboard box, and just throw it on the shelf to grab out of.  Other than that, I'd say it's the same as Safeway, etc for most things. 
One word of advice.. Go EARLY, or LATE.  Otherwise the lines are atrocious.

Thanks for the advice. I havent gone yet, I am travelling that way in a few days. But, even if I had, these threads are read by lots of people, what are  examples of realy good deals you got there ? ( Types of canned good prices, humungous cereal price ) ? Thanks


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