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To be continued: I am in the field for a few weeks.

A friend of mine (a CDP, SSP, ESP master class shooter in IDPA) recommended Steve Anderson's Refinement and Repetition.
I picked it up and it looks like a good tool,  but I haven't gotten started on it yet.  It has some decent drills and it's set up in a log book format.

My wife and I used to shoot IDPA, but it's just too far to drive since we moved out of town.    We have plenty of places to shoot within a couple miles of the house now though, so we'll just set up our own stages and have some fun practicing, and maybe get a couple of neighbors on board.

Allright! Back from the field and the freezer burn has worn off.

20 January 2018:
Basic dryfire practice session-25 trigger presses as indicated above

22 Jan:
AM: Basic dryfire routine
PM: Timed dryfire routine- the same routine but with a recorded par time for every repetition

23 Jan:
10 draw and dry fire at a single target
10 slide lock reloads. From dead trigger with the slide locked back to dry fire on a single target following the reload


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