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Project Appleseed Power Point I put together


I am doing a short presentation for my church's security/medical team about Project Appleseed. I put together a short Power Point and thought I would share the presentation in case anyone wanted to use it. This presentation is specific to my location with dates and locations but feel free to edit it to suit your needs.


Nice job and thanks. Some of the locations I have seen advertised my area are .22 rimfire only. The web site will say when you sign up.


Nice job

Mind if I use it for my club?


Nice presentation.  I like the way it keeps it simple.  I spent half the time wanting to add in this that and the other, but finally realized that the people we are trying to reach need the simple method. 

When you pitch that to folks, and if a bunch are looking to go a single shoot, I recommend you offer them a prep night where they can bring their gear to somewhere suitable and you can work with them a little.  Topics should include.

-Here is how to put your sling on.
-How to let the bolt forward and lock it back with your rifle (some wont know)
-Management of the tube fed rifle, there is always one.
-Making sure people have enough mags, a shooting mat, and other odds and ends

Especially with kids and spouses, if they have some idea how to make their rifle work ahead of time, they will be able to concentrate on learning the shooting part a lot better. 

Thanks for the feedback, and as I said feel free to edit and use as you want.


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