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site with lowest prices for red feather butter

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Just purusing the interwebs today as I dont feel well and came across this sale. This is the price I bought butter at 1 1/2 years ago, and you never see it this inexpensive even on sale. So, $120 includes shipping for case of 24 cans of red feather butter, that is $5/can. A can is about 3 cubes of butter, while it is not certified organic, it is pasture raised new zealand butter, so high quality, not Costco butter. This is high quality butter with a super long shelf life.

They also have bega cheese ($108 for 36 cans, $3/can) and Yoders bacon in cans

Looked up your link. Thanks
What is the shelf life of what you bought?

I've been stocking up on Augason's freeze dried butter. #10 cans

butter is important to me. It is the one item in my storage that makes the bread and cornbread worth eating, and an important source of fats, which are in general hard to get.

Shelf life is variable, butter like this is more shelf stable than bottles of liquid oil.

Browse the interwebs and see what others have experienced, I have read a happy butter buyer who opened one after 13 years and it tasted like great butter. So, that means for me, the butter lover, I go with red feather and no powdered or freeze dried.

The price of grass fed grocery store butter is getting so high, I may just start using this all the time, although it is a wash at this point, $7/lb. I cant touch any butter, for less than $5/lb, sometimes on sale at the outlet for $4/lb just to bake with, and the pasture raised table butter I am buying is at least $7/lb I am sure.

Depends how you store. I would baby the butter more than my wheat berries. I keep mine in my coldest, darkest, temp stable spot.

Todays price check, 1 year from this threads start:

red feather butter, 24 can case, at the link I give above is now $130, shipping included. That is $5.41/can. And, a 12% price jump in the one year. It is also selling today, at Safe Castle, with member discount, for $140/case, shipping included.

I may try some later if I can remember.  ;D

So far we have only gotten the freeze dried butter from Augason (through Walmart).
We've tried to get everything stocked for baking bread, etc.
We've opened and used the butter. So far so good. It takes some mixing with warm water, but eventually mixes.
If you put it in your bowl of rolled oats, it dissolves real well.


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