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Where to get canning jars

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If you are going to order bulk you will need to use a broker or at less I did. Ball , Kerr and Golden Harvest are all owned by Jarden corp. I ended up using Shetlers's Wholesale Co. P.o. Box 8, 630 high st., Geneva , In. 46740 . They are plain folk so no phone no website. If your order is over $2850 no freight  charges. Have been buying from them of and on for years and always got go service.
 Current drop ship pricing.
Reg. Dome lids and rings (24dz) $71.75
Reg. Dome lids (36 dz ) $51.51
Wide mouth dome lids and rings (12dz) $49.64
Wide mouth dome lids (36 dz) $74.65
Regular dome lids plain not printed 3132 a case $344.52
Wide mouth dome lins plain not printed 1728 a case $231.73
           Golden harvest  jars
Reg pints $6.72 a case
Reg. Qt $7.72 a case
        Ball jars
1/2 pint reg. $6.50 a case
Pint reg. 6.95 a case
Qt. Reg. $8.05 a case
Pint wide mouth $7.80 a case
1 1/2 pint wide mouth  $7.95 a case of 9
Qt. Wide mouth  $8.96 a case
1/2 gal. Wide mouth $7.90 a case of 6
4 oz. quilted jelly jars $6.70 a case
8 oz. quilted jelly jars $7.45 a case
12oz. Quilted jelly jars $8.61 a case
 And yes they will sale you the 16 oz drinking mugs and little 4 oz shakers also.
Hope this helps.


I live in Indiana so this is a plus! Maybe I can pick up. A guy who came to a few of my classes I teach said he worked in a glass jar factory before h retired. He had all kinds of tips and advice for inspection and selecting used jars and what to look for as far as imperfections and defects to ensure proper sealing. I imagine he worked there.

If no phone, and no website how do you order?

That's Shetler's address that I gave and you mail them a request for catalog. I am not sure where Ball's warehouse or warehouses are that the drop shipment will come from is.

You can always get together with a bunch of other canners and make a bulk drop shipment too. That is what I did with my Tattler lids.

I had to leave all my canning jars up in Canada as for room in moving back to the US and also that Canadian lids/jars are a smidgen smaller than US lids, so I get alot of seal fails with them. So 3 years ago I had to start at square one with canning jars and a pantry. On $400 a month income, I bought canning jars when I could, bartered for them, found them on FreeCycle, asked for them on FreeCycle and pretty much anywhere I could find them. I honestly don't know how many I have and now you have twisted my arm to have me figure out how many I really do have. I was almost not wanting to say how many I do have, but I suspect I have at least 700, as 2 years ago I put up 600 jars and I know I have acculumated more since. My goal is not to have a single empty jar next year. My goal after 1,200 is 1,800, then 2,000.


No need for an exact amount Cedar. But I never thought about doing the math of 3-4 jars a day. We have a family of 6 so may need to figure on the high side. Looking down the road, I need WAY more than we currently have.

Knowing that, I now need to find way more space to store them all. Looks like another year of no cars in the garage...again.

I remember growing up as a kid and going to my grandparents house. It really sucked because there was no places left for hide and seek. Under bed...filled with either craned goods or jars. Every closet filled. Behind couch filled. Didn't understand it until a  few years ago. I am slowly becoming them. My kids complain because all the "good hiding places are full of stuff".


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