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mandoline slicer recommendation?

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Alan Georges:
Making precise slices to fill a 9-tray dehydrator is just taking me too long.  Anybody got any recommendations on a favorite mandoline slicer?  And while we're at it, any models to avoid?  I don't want to go nuts with pro-grade hardware, but there are plenty out there for $20-$40, so that's the price range my uninformed self is thinking of.  Any answers  much appreciated.

This is the type I have. It's a Kitchenaid Mandoline Slicer Set

This one has a plastic body instead of the all stainless type, but it is a heavy/thick plastic. There's no wobble or twisting to it when in use. It does have stainless steel blades that seem to stay very sharp. (And I do mean sharp! Be careful with these things!)  One feature I really do like about this one, and that I would suggest you looked for in any mandoline you look at, is the angled blade. Many of the cheaper ones have a blade that is straight across the cutting area. The angled blade (or I have also seen ones with a V blade) seems to make slicing much easier. The Kitchenaid model comes in at least a couple of different colors and comes with different slicing blades.. "thin and thick julienne slicing blades with blade covers and coarse grating blade."

I've tried a couple of the "cheaper" types of mandolines and I must say that while this is not an expensive slicer, the Kitchenaid model is much better than others in it's price range.

I hope this helps in your search. Good luck and happy slicing. ;)


We picked up the Faberware one from walmart about a year back, and it served through harvest season this year dutifully. However, it did take off the tip of my pinky during a cabbage to souerkraut exercise. So do be careful.

Alan Georges:
Thanks, WVMan73 & SteveandTracyinKy!  Will shop around locally tomorrow, see what I can find.  The Kitchenaid looks pretty tough (probably what I need), but the price and recommendation on the Farberware makes it attractive too.  Will post tomorrow on which way this goes.

I got a middle of the line OXO mandoline slicer. I do not recommend it. It does OK cutting some vegetables and it has variable widths and several blades, but on tougher items it doesn't quite do the job and breaks the last half an inch into chunks due to the short length of ramp below the blade.


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