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Missing 411


David in MN:
OK, OK. Pure  :tinfoily:

Missing 411 is a book series I haven't read and a short docu on Amazon. I'll admit some of the cases are a little odd. You don't really expect me to believe that an 80 year old vanished (gun and all) when he was to be no further than 30 yards from the road? Or that a guy hiked 6 miles in snow without his boots?

Conspiracies aside it actually has pretty good depth about "stranded" survival. That's from a guy who was picked up by WI state police for hitchhiking after I got lost skiing and had made it to the road. Officer was a cool guy who saw it for exactly what it was and gave me a ride back. But the lesson stuck that weird things happen off the beaten trail. In the years that followed as I did mountain climbing and solo canoe trips I had extra supplies and when you can help a fellow traveler it feels good.

I guess I don't take the conspiracy stuff for real. Could it be? I guess. But anyone who has slept alone under the stars with only a canoe or hiking boots to get back to humanity knows how weirding it can be.

Not bad and worth a shot to get the 'middle of nowhere' survival juice flowing.


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