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Covid SitRep - Shortages, mood, etc


Anybody willing to share a Sit Rep on your area? Not asking for specific locations, you dont even have to give one. Just tryna get a feel for the mood in the region. Not going to list mandatory closings of business due to availability online.
Currently life goes on in my area (MO). People are slightly tense, but it's amazing how much it feels different than our northern neighbors (IA). Happened to be up there for a parts run and it you can almost feel it in the air, but I think people were greatly affected due to the mandatory closings of bars and restaurants.
Obviously no TP, bottled water, and cleaning supplies, unless you time your trip just right. Canned goods, ammo, and some other oddly specific goods are starting to be picked through(pasta sauce was hit hard), but still in general, available.
A lot of people are concerned, not as much about the virus, but the economic impact of the quarantines, self imposed or not, small businesses still being the lifeblood of small towns.
Farmers, being farmers, farm on. Talked to a few that are moving up timelines for business necessities; diesel and seed mainly. They are determined to get the crop in, supplylines or virus be damned.
Hows it going in your, disclosed or undisclosed, location?

Mid Missouri.

Mostly business as usual this last couple of weeks. Traffic back to about normal, too congested for this rural/lake area.
Still a lot of mask wearing in town, but I feel not enough as there are a lot of older people not wearing them.

Store stocks are about back to normal, except for wipes, disinfectants, and soaps.
Some paper products still have limits.

Middle TN

Business as usual... very few masks. Everything is back in stock, although there are still requested limits to purchases on toilet paper, sometimes on flour and sugar.


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