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Smoke alarm design fault?


Just read a news item in todays paper about a Molotov cocktail attack on a family home in a dispute two years ago, they smashed a window and chucked them in and -quote- "the blaze was so intense it melted the smoke alarms before they could go off".
4 kids died and the mother (google 'Michelle Pearson') died of burns two years later, and the two perps were jailed for life.
Reason I mention it is because it seems smoke alarms aren't as foolproof as we might assume.

Andy in NH:
I'm suspicious that any fire bomb attack (short of a napalm strike) would disable all of the smoke detectors in a house.
There has to be more to the story.


--- Quote from: Gamer on August 27, 2019, 07:34:37 PM ---died of burns two years later

--- End quote ---
Wow, died from her burns 2 years later.  I really feel for this woman, she suffered horribly


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