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"Chernobyl" mini series


today I watched the first of the four episodes of a this new mini series by HBO.
Quite impressive and realistic, it depicts what started happening exactly after the "boom".

the trailer (though too dramatized in comparison to the actual series)

where to find it in the US I do not know. regards GM

David in MN:
OK, so Hollywood now produces anti-nuclear propaganda when there are European countries that virtually run on it and all American aircraft carriers and submarines as well?

Yeah, I get it. There was this one disaster by a country incapable of building a decent automobile and believed in human wave attacks into the 70s. It's not a big arm twist to think the Soviets were technically backward and had no value of human life.

The synchronisity of life is magical. We get "green New Deal" legislation and docudramas of Chernobyl at the same time. It's almost like...

having seen most of it now, I certainly do not think it is so with this series.
I haven't even seen a "oh god what we have done" moment or expression.
but what it sits on is the CCCP leadership pretense that nothing serious has happened

I recently watched the series.  I am a big fan of series.  I know it has been dramatized a little bit but I still think it is a good show.


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