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Remote Internet providers


I am looking for an internet providers no hard line services available any one have any experiences

EarthLink has com up as an option.  I am getting the willies form their low detail website.

My father (77) is having health issues.  I may need to spend some time at his house to assist.  His internet options are limited.  I know there are companies that offer a Wireless Wan that is somewhat functional to good.  I am looking for some of those providers.  He lives in rural Ohio (Central north to south along but well off I77).  None of the "Standard" providers offer service to his home.  He has been using Verizon 5G.  Can you say expensive and with a data cap.

I would need to work form home and that would require a connection capable of Skype for business data and voice connection.  As well as connecting to corporate headquarters with a VPN connection.  I would likely needs to all 3 at one time.  Any through put experience for this kind of action would be helpful.

Thanks for the help.

Mr. Bill:
I don't know what's available in rural Ohio, but I'm in sorta-rural southeast Washington and we're using a fixed-wireless Internet service provided by our local electric co-op.  There's a router/antenna thing bolted to the side of the house, aimed at a transceiver 2 miles away.  It's satisfactory for our needs, but city folk would consider it very slow and very expensive.  We're paying $60/month for 4 MBPS download and 0.5 MBPS upload.  At least there's no monthly data usage cap.

I think that's the only broad(ish)-band service available in my area, other than satellite or cell.

My wife has used it successfully with her corporate VPN, but with occasional glitches.  She hasn't tried Skype yet -- it's been easier to just set up call-forwarding from her office phone to her cellphone for voice calls and teleconferences.

I just use my cell phone provider. I have AT&T with a mobile hot spot.

How about your cell coverage.  I know there's something called Netbuddy that does the mobile hot spot thing.  Apparently they do it on ATT network.  Unlimited for $60.  I have no experience with it, but might be an option.


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