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Funds tight? Let me meet you halfway with Food Storage Feast - 30 seats half off


Some folks have contacted me to let me know that they're anxious to try Food Storage Feast, but funds are tight and they can't afford it.

If this is you, let me meet you half way. I’ve just made 30 enrollments in the course available at half price - only $97. I've also extended this offer to my podcast listeners.

When I began developing the recipes you can learn in Food Storage Feast, my family's grocery bill dropped by half. I applied decades of experience as a chef to cheap commodity ingredients, and got delicious results that you can replicate in your kitchen, and your pocketbook.

Don't get caught with your pantry down!

Eat well and be well,
—Chef Keith Snow

Thanks, Keith.  I just took advantage of this awesome deal!  I look forward to enjoying my first lesson.

nice one!!

Glad your taking advantage of it...


Let us know if we can help in any way...




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