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Question for Keith on a couple of recipes


I signed up for the course and am working my way through the recipes but have a question on cooking the rice.  I made the green rice and was preparing to make the Caribbean rice, but had a question.  Watching the video for the green rice, you put the rice in the cold water and bring the water to boiling with the rice in it.  In the written recipe it describes putting the rice into boiling water and then starting the timer.  Which is the correct methodology associated with the 17 min time?  I'm wondering if the gummy rice was associated with me cooking too long or something else.  BTW, the flavor was fantastic.

What type of rice did you use?

I usally start the rice and water together...once at the boil, (takes 3 minutes on my stove) I reduce to very low simmer, cover, start the timer for 17 min. After 17 minutes it's helpful to flake the rice with fork, then cover and let sit a few more minutes.

Depending on what type of rice you have you may want to try rinsing it a few times before starting to cook it. Should not be gummy...see this:

But I have done the rice both ways...boiling water, add rice, and rice and water brought to boil...I have no difference.  However..if you're doubling the recipe that can make a diff...casue boiling that much water can take an extra 10 minutes...

let me know....I want to make sure you get that fluffy rice...!

Thanks Keith.  It was regular ol' Basmati rice in this case and followed the original recipes to a T.  I love cooking but typically try out the recipe as written once or twice to understand the balance of the dish before I try to tweak with it.  Wanted to give that a shot before going into things like the more expensive red or black rices.  Fortunately I have access to a reasonably size Asian market for my experimenting :).  One advantage of being in the hellhole of NY, but close to the CIA.

I'll give it another go with the Thai Fried Rice and let you know.  Tonight we are going to try out the butter onion marinara noodles.  I'll post my update after the cooking is done and the verdict is in.

Best of luck....I made Mexican Rice last night with some refried beans I am testing for the course...topped it freeze dried cheddar...the cheese is tasty, not the best texture..but in a pinch it's handy...better then pre-shredded store bought..

was super tasty....I love that kind of Tex mex food...could eat it everyday...!



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