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Noah Darco:
The Food Storage Feast recipe formerly "Pasta w/ Radicchio, Bacon, & Green Onions" has been officially renamed "Fettuccine Radicchio". It's both shorter, and more fun to say.

My son and I made this for dinner the other night. The dish came out great, but photography didn't rank too high in my flailing efforts to multitask in a busy kitchen. Will have to get a shot next time, since I will definitely make this one again.

Radicchio has a crisp, slight bitterness that has few parallels if any in Western cuisine - and it's long been a favorite of mine for salads and other raw dishes. Our youngest two were not overly enthused about the slight bitterness it imparted to the Fettuccine dish, but my wife liked it, and our teenage daughter actually came back for seconds.

Noah Darco:
Here's my first shot at Upgraded Ramen Noodles.

Made some substitutions based on what I had in the pantry. Used dried shiitake mushrooms to make my mushroom broth, and garnished with cilantro.

By the time I added some Thai chili paste to spice it up (we are capsaicin junkies here), it was yummy, but pretty salty and potent. Next time I'll either spice with dried chili flakes, or reduce quantities of bouillon & soy sauce to let the chili paste take up some of the slack without overpowering.

MTA: Umami-mia!

You do need to tread carefully with stock cubes, soy sauce and chili paste...all wicked salty...adding a little extra water and or making sure not to evaporate any off water is key to not having it too salty. It's supposed to be highly ramen....but too much is no beuno.

I like the idea of dried porcini...that makes some mushroomy broth...with no extra salt...!

I buy those whenever I can...I have used them 5-7 years problem at all.



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