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--- Quote from: terrabyte on February 19, 2017, 12:20:02 AM ---Made the risotto the first night. Nailed it. Entire family enjoyed it.
I thought it was coming along just fine as I taste tested it, but adding the condensed milk & Parmesan at the end really changed it into something out of this world. Obviously, I had never had risotto before. Now I can see why it's a big deal. And why we used to enjoy Dave Ramsey chewing out wannabe chefs on his show about it.

Having gotten the hard one out of the way, I look forward to trying an easier rice dish tomorrow.

Thanks for the recipe. I found the video very useful to play over & over as I followed it.

--- End quote ---
  Awesome..glad it turned out...that is a tasty recipe.....loaded with mushroom flavor!

Let me know if you need help!


Hi everyone,

I've made several recipes so far.  Confetti rice and carribean black bean is so far my favorites, they are so versatile and you can have them on hand for any meal. 

The first time I made confetti rice i followed the recipe. It was awesome and so filling for a simple meal.
the next time around i added some hot peppers that we grew, blanched and froze last fall.  mixed peppers, datil, cubanelle, jalapenos, we like spice.  OMG !  it was so good. 

We had leftovers, one morning we added scrambled eggs and made burritos.

 The carribean rice recipe is great just the way it is.  We have them as staples now, so if I don't have time or feel like cooking we can have an easy meal.

This is fun.



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