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Chef Keith Snow will be on TSP this Wed. talking about cooking w/ storage food


Noah Darco:
Chef Keith Snow will be on TSP with Jack on Wednesday, January 11.

He'll be talking about:

* His journey to the prepping lifestyle.
* His family’s experiences with food storage.
* Why food storage plans fail.
* Food security as a life skill and a lifestyle.
* Why you need to integrate your storage food into your regular menu now.
* How to save $$$ by learning to make your own gourmet meals from bulk commodity foods, instead of stocking up on expensive, glorified TV dinners marketed as survival food.
* … and much more.
Check out The Survival Podcast this Wednesday!

Noah Darco:
Today's show got derailed by the incompetenternet.

Lord willing and the creek don't rise, Chef Keith will be on TSP tomorrow.

Noah Darco:
And, the podcast is posted:

It was a cool epsiode...Jack and I could go on forever talking food...I really need to visit Nine Mile Farm for an event...who would like to attend a Cooking With Preps event down in Texas ? 

Duck egg omelets every morning..I promise!


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